Saddles Now Available!

An exciting new opportunity has evolved for Stoner Ridge Farm!  Over the last two years, Robert has been working with Joan Miller, owner of Millersburg Saddle Company to develop the perfect saddle and bridle for gaited horses.

After planning and getting input from the gaited horse community, we finally got to see and ride the proto-type on July 16th, 2011. The saddle had an absolutely awesome design. It has a fairly high cantle in the back, a unique memory foam seat, adjustable girth, and a specially designed rolled bar. The design of the saddle held the rider firmly in the seat with an appropriate leg position. The bridle was hand-tooled and simply beautiful.

Another year has passed and even more changes to the original design of the “Lawson Trooper” have come about.  The leather and padding for the seat are even higher quality and there is a standard and a high cantle available.  The saddle has a deep well that holds the rider firmly in place but allows you to feel the movement of the horse.  Especially nice for our women riders is both how narrow and how light weight the saddle is – less than 18 pounds!  The Lawson Trooper continues to be constructed one at a time by our Amish craftsman in Holmes Millersburg, Ohio.

Please contact Robert before you purchase this awesome saddle so you know all the details about the construction, fit recommendations, and craftsmanship then go to to make your purchase or just give us a call with your credit card information.  The saddles are available NOW and carry Robert’s endorsement.  He rides one all day and is thrilled with the way it fits the horse as well as how comfortable it is for the rider.  We are excited to have played a role in the development of this outstanding, handcrafted product.





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