Congratulations to Gaitway’s Jasmine Joy and Robert Lawson for their first place award at the KMSHA International Grand Championships in Trail Obstacle and Natural Horsemanship.  Robert rode Jazzy through the obstacle course without a bridle for his free style performance.  Wow – talk about harmony!





Congratulations to MX Wrangler & Michael Butler for being awarded the 2010 Al Prewitt Versatility Award at the KMSHA International Grand Championship.  Horses compete in the required classes of Under Saddle Age Division and Trail Obstacle.  Then three optional classes from Western, 4 Gait, You & Me, Natural Horsemanship, and Driving to comprise the total points for the award.  They did an awesome job! 




2010 Super Horse: Congratulations to MX Wrangler the UMH 2010 Super Horse winner, his owner Kathy and Jim Wilkerson, and trainer Michael Butler.  Super Horse classes include Trail Obstacle, Under Saddle age division, Conformation, Pro Am, and an optional class: Open 4 Gait, Western, or driving. 


Who will be America’s Favorite Trail Horse? 

Michael Butler and MX Wrangler are scheduled to air Nov. 15, time 8:00 p.m. – episode #10 of America’s Favorite Trail horse that will be seen on HR – TV and ACTHA TV (HR-TV Dish network channel 404) or if can be viewed on on the internet.   The series will begin on Tuesday, September 13 at 7:00 P.M. One episode will air each week. Every week, there will be ten competitors shown and America will vote for their favorite. The ten top winners from each week will be shown one more time and the final vote will be taken to determine America’s favorite. What an opportunity! Be sure to check out Mike and Wrangler YouTube! They are an awesome pair. Other Mountain Horses are competing as well. Legendary Lady and Judy Brummer will be shown on episode #7 and Blue on Black and H.T. Derickson can be seen on episode #12. We want America to know that their favorite trail horse should be a Mountain Horse. Be sure to tune in and VOTE!



To see the video of Michael and MX Wrangler, friend "Stoner Ridge Farm on Facebook. 



Congratulations to MX Wrangler  who won the RMH Kentucky State Show Pleasure Championship and to Blueberry Wine for winning the H.T. Derickson Open Championship on July 9th.  (click for other results)


RRF Gold Nugget has been selected to be part of the Rocky Mountain Horse demo at the FEI 2010 World Equestrian Games.  Blueberry Wine has also been selected in a group alternates.  Congratulations to these outstanding horses!



RRF Gold Nugget -- 2009 Sam Tuttle Memorial Award Winner

One of the most prestigious awards any Rocky Mountain horse can win is the Sam Tuttle Memorial Award.  It is given every year in memory of Sam Tuttle, who owned Tobe, the horse from whom all Rocky Mountain horses originate.  There is no leeway in choosing classes that count toward this award because they are pre-determined before the show ever begins. That is one reason why the award is so difficult to win.  Horses accumulate points from both conformation and under saddle age division, championship, and grand championship classes plus the points that count from trail obstacle.  In addition, horses become ineligible for the award if they are disqualified during the trail obstacle class. 

For the first time in recent years, the winner of the award was already determined before the grand championship class was held. Those points were not even needed to conclude that RRF Gold Nugget was the 2009 winner.  He had placed first in all his age division and championship classes both under saddle and in conformation.  He went on to place reserve in trail obstacle and in the conformation grand championship.  In addition to classes required for the award, he won the driving class and placed reserve in the Men’s Amateur Show Pleasure class with his owner, Steve Heuslein. What an awesome accomplishment!

Nugget, as he is affectionately called around the barn, has been able to accomplish so much because of Steve’s dedication and the Foundation First TM training principles used at Stoner Ridge Farm by his trainer Charlie DeAtley.   Early in his career, Nugget displayed his show pleasure abilities winning many under saddle classes.  It soon became apparent that had a great mind to go with that talent so preparation began for trail obstacle and driving competition.  He proved to be successful in those areas as well, winning both events at last year’s Rocky Mountain International for the first time. Congratulations to Steve and Charlie, and to Nugget for receiving the awesome Sam Tuttle Memorial Award.  By now it’s easy to see that Nugget doesn’t do anything half way  -  his heart of gold shines through every time.



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