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Horsemanship is a journey.  To help it be the best trip possible, you’ll need a guide.  Foundation First Mountain Horse Training TM  can provide the base that you and your horse need to develop the best relationship possible.  If either partner is lacking essential skills, the partnership will suffer.  The Foundation First Equine Training Pyramid© is a guide that shows how both humans and horses grow as they gain knowledge through education.  Human growth is in the middle of the pyramid and equine growth is on each side.   The bottom level shows the foundation.  All additional learning and growth is built on that foundation.  Regardless of the  discipline, the trainers at Stoner Ridge Farm can help you gain the skill you need to form a true partnership with your horse.


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Foundation First Training Pyramid©

The Foundation First Equine Training Pyramid© is a guide that shows how both humans and horses grow as they gain knowledge through education.  The bottom level shows the foundation.  All additional learning and growth is built on that foundation.

Click here to download the Foundation First Training Pyramid©. 



At Our Facility

Stoner Ridge Farm is a full service equine training facility for both people and horses.  We are located at 2469 Clintonville Rd., Paris, KY only 30 minutes from the Kentucky Horse Park. 

Our facility includes an 84’ x 207’ indoor arena that allows us to give lessons and train horses year round.  Two round pens are set up inside the arena enabling us to work with our horses regardless of inclement weather.   The 30 stall barn includes a four horse hot-walker that allows proper cooling or conditioning of the horses before and after they are ridden. It also has a restroom and heated/air conditioned office space.  The barn isle-way is also wide enough for riding.  We have five tacking areas/wash bays with both cold and hot water for bathing horses.  There is also an insulated horse bathing area that is heated when horses need to be sprayed off if the weather is cool.  Behind the arena is a trail obstacle course and a regulation size dressage pad.  There is an area on the back of the farm where horses are ridden over the hills and trough the creeks to get them ready for the trails.  Our facility is located on 36 beautiful Bluegrass acres in the heart of thoroughbred country.

The trainers at Stoner Ridge Farm will design a program tailored to meet your needs as a rider at a level that is appropriate for you.  Robert and Erin are both skilled instructors and have a wealth of expertise to share.  If you are just learning to ride, they will begin with Basic Horsemanship.  If you have advanced beyond that level, the discipline that you would like to refine will be your goal.  Our trainers are here to help you become confident and successful.   If you are interested in competition, they will help you gain skill and you’ll be welcome to join us at the shows.  Lessons last approximately an hour.  You can use one of the horses we have here or you can bring your own.  We also have training for your horse if he/she needs to learn to be responsive to your cues or needs basic horsemanship training.

Lessons options at our farm (partial list):

  • Basic Horsemanship

  • Establishing Leadership and Respect

  • Round Pen Basics

  • Ground Control

  • Riding Lessons for beginners, novice, amateur, and advanced riders of gaited horses

  • Riding Lessons for Adults and Juveniles of all ages

  • Mounting and Dismounting

  • Use of Leg Pressure

  • Gaited Dressage

  • Three Phase Event Preparation

  • Showing Your Gaited Horse (all divisions under saddle)

  • Western Riding

  • Riding for the Trail

  • Showing Conformation

  • Equitation/Showmanship

  • Trail Obstacle

  • Centered Riding

  • Loading

  • Backing

  • Stopping

  • Tacking (bitting, proper saddling)

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At Your Farm

Clinics are available that are tailored to meet your needs or the needs of your group.  No group is too large or too small.  A family looking to gain knowledge and skill is also a prime example of the type of clinic that is available.  Robert has traveled all over the United States helping families with their horses.  The list above is only a small portion of what is available to help your family or your club learn more about your gaited horses.   Robert will make arrangements to come to your farm or to an arena you reserve.  Rates are available by the day or week. 

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By the Hour or by the Day at Stoner Ridge Farm

Group lessons are also available and charged by the hour or by the day at the Stoner Ridge Farm facility. If you are part of a club or the leader of a 4 H Group who is in need of a clinic to meet specific skills for your young people, Stoner Ridge Farm is available by the hour or by the day.  Robert will bring his expertise to the learning situation. 

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The Robert Lawson Apprentice Program -
Showing you the way to effective horse ownership

Would you like for your horse to be a responsive companion that is easy to handle and performs without resistance? Robert’s introductory apprenticeship program will help you learn how to build a firm foundation and create a trusting relationship.   The Introductory Level Apprenticeship Program is designed to last twelve weeks.  The weeks need not be completed consecutively.  For extenuating circumstances, the program can be completed by the day.  For folks who need to manage their personal herd, the Introductory Level course will provide opportunities to build confidence. You will learn to build a solid foundation with your horses that will help you avoid pitfalls that lead to problems later on. You will gain leadership and establish ground control while improving your skills as a rider. A certificate of completion is awarded at the conclusion of the program.

Included in the Introductory Level Apprenticeship Program 

  • Safe horse management

  • Round Pen Basics

  • Establishing Respect

  • Creating a Responsiveness

  • Ground Control

  • Flexing and Bending

  • Bitting

  • Mounting and Dismounting

  • Riding

  • Leg Pressure Basics

  • Stopping

  • Backing

  • Loading

The Advanced Level Apprenticeship Program 

In addition to attaining the skills taught during the introductory phase, individuals who participate at the advanced level will focus on the business of becoming an equine professional. Robert will show you where to start, how to promote yourself, and how to build a reputation as a professional. There will be more emphasis on refinement of the horsemanship skills that have been learned as well as focusing on what is required from a business perspective. The Robert Lawson Apprentice Program is designed to be flexible with its customized programs. An additional twelve week time commitment is recommended for completion of the Advanced Level program.  Call Robert for pricing and an application.

For additional information, to schedule individual lessons, or to schedule a versatility clinic, contact: 

Robert Lawson, Stoner Ridge Farm, 
2469 Clintonville Rd., Paris, KY 40361. 
You may also phone 859.988.9092 or email



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