SRF's selective breeding program insures outstanding foals which are the foundation for future generations. Our horses are registered with American Gaited, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association, Spotted Mountain Horse Association, Mountain Pleasure Horse Association, and/or the Rocky Mountain Horse Association which make up the Mountain Horse breeds known for their mellow, people-oriented nature and their smooth lateral four-beat gait.

There are always quality weanlings, yearlings, two year olds, and mature horses for sale that will meet riders' high standards regardless of riders' ability level.

Stoner Ridge Farm has outstanding mares with excellent bloodlines from which to choose your foals and yearlings. Many of our mares have outstanding show records or have been phenomenal trail horses. Our mares have well-know sires such as Captain Bill, Tom Cat, French's Glider, Dock, Pete, and Choco Dock.

It has always been our philosophy that superior breeding programs are built from superior mares. Therefore, it is important to consider the breeding of your mares as well as your stallions. Even though the mare is only responsible for 50% of your foal's genetic make-up, they contribute the majority of your foal's temperament.

SRF foals have gentle, willing temperaments and are guaranteed to gait. All foals born from our stock have an exemplary gait and are up showing it off within a few hours after birth. Imprinting is often unnecessary as these horses begin feeling like one of the family soon after birth. Foals are given free range in lush pastures with their dams for the first four or five months of their lives. At weaning time, they are given a daily de-wormer along with specialized feeds that provide rich nutrients to assure strength, stamina, and good health for a lifetime. 

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